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Freezer Breezers

Men's Freezer Breezers

Men's Freezer Breezers

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Whether you’re a mountain biker, triathlete, or road cyclist, these shorts are crafted with your long-ride comfort in mind. With their sleek, high-performance look and feel, these premium shorts are perfect for going the distance. Our advanced, ethically sourced fabric wicks moisture and provides total comfort and support.  

These shorts feature a specialized pocket, allowing you to place your Stay Breezy Gel Pack in ALL the right places to provide instant cooling relief after a long day in the saddle.

Product Details:

  • 77% Nylon
  • 23% Spandex/Elastane

Made ethically in the Philippines with antibacterial and moisture wicking CREORA high performance sport textile.

*Includes Stay Breezy Gel Pack.

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