Our Brand Story.


Freezer Breezers is an apparel brand focused on recovery for cyclists, new moms and more. Founded by Filipino-Minnesotan best-friend duo, Nikki & Jenny, who envisioned their product on a 2-day, 100-mile charity bike ride. Freezer Breezers solved a problem that united them with their fellow cyclists: ice-cold relief from that painful twinge below the belt that's literally a pain in the ass.   

They feverishly researched existing solutions for crotch pain relief and they quickly discovered there were few, if any, high quality recovery products in the market.  Freezer Breezers was born out of selfishness - to relieve their own saddle sores for all future bike rides.  After a year of product development, they are proud and excited to share their vision and a product that can provide you discreet relief when you need it most. 
We’ve partnered with TELAstory to develop & manufacture our Freezer Breezer shorts. They are a 100% women-owned, funded and led company based in the Philippines, a country near to our hearts and true to our roots. They pride themselves on paying true living wages, practicing low-waste production using sustainable fabrics while also promoting worker ownership.

About the Owners: Nikki & Jenny.

We are lifelong best-friends, Minnesotans, moms, proud Filipina’s and new entrepreneurs just trying to make a dent in the under-appreciated crotch-care industry.